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Whether you’re looking for unique art for your walls, someone to record your vacation or event for the ages, or professional images for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

Any of the photos you see in my portfolio can be purchased either as a print or on a canvas.  There is a plethora of sizes available to fit everyone’s budget, and prints are shipped unframed for you to put on the finishing touches that best suit your individual tastes.  Orders are printed and shipped around the world by a company that I have worked with for years and trust with all of my pictures.  All photos are printed on high-quality photo paper or gallery-wrapped canvas, typically within just a few days, but please allow up to two weeks unless you would like expedited shipping.  Signed prints are possible, but will require an additional week for processing.

To place your order please contact me with the name and size of the picture you’re interested in, as well as any additional information that may be needed.  I will assume all orders are for prints on photo paper unless otherwise specified.  Once I receive your order, I will confirm with you via email and set-up a secure transaction on PayPal.  When payment is confirmed I will submit your order to the printers and you should receive your piece within two weeks!

Once I place the order, no changes can be made, unfortunately, so please read your confirmation email carefully!  But after that, there’s nothing left to do but unpack your beautiful new piece and hang it where everyone can see it and appreciate your excellent taste.

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This is where my greatest passion lies, and as the field that I first started in, it’s also where I have the most experience.  If you have a project that involves studying a particular topic and you would like a photographer to accompany you, then browse through my portfolio and see if I can contribute to your work.

No project is too small, so even if you have an idea for something here in the UAE, I would love to be a part of it.  However, I’m always ready to go anywhere; I have traveled under extremely difficult conditions through cities and countries that are considered “less than safe” for Americans and/or singles and/or women.  Creating photos that tell a story is something I love doing and I have both an excellent talent for observation and the technical skill to capture a scene.

I thrive off of being in new situations and meeting new people and look forward to a chance to share my experiences and what I learn with others who can’t be there themselves.  If you’ve got something cooking, don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help you.

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Are you headed on an amazing vacation and are worried that you’re going to end up with pictures that are under or overexposed, out of focus, zoomed way out or in, or just not catching the mood of the scene?  Here are some of the worst case scenarios  of bad travel photography I’ve seen–definitely not what you want to show others after your trip!

Let me help you avoid ending up like these families by not only taking high-quality images of your holiday that will look better and last longer than Polaroids, but will portray you in a more active, realistic, and genuine manner.  The best pictures aren’t staged or posed, but rather genuinely reflect the spirit of the moment and the activity and reactions of everyone involved.

I can accompany you here in the UAE or travel with you to wherever you’re headed. I can also help plan your trip so you have the optimal itinerary to make use of good lighting and the sunrise/sunset, avoid closures or enjoy special events, see ‘local’ attractions when the local people will be there themselves for an authentic experience, or scout out the best places to get great shots.  Whether it’s one day or several, consider having me there from the initial planning to the final attraction so you can be fully focused on enjoying yourself, knowing that someone else is capturing your special moments.

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Are you a design firm looking to create a catalogue of your recent projects? A company that has recently opened a new office and want to show it on your website? A hotel that has redecorated and want to update your advertisements?  An architect planning to create a personal portfolio to get more clients?

I can take high-quality pictures of your space or building that include wide-angle shots as well as close-ups of key details.  Before the shoot, I talk with you about the key aspects of your work that you want to feature as well as the mood and tone that you want to set in the photos, and keeping this in mind I find the most flattering points of view to convey those aspects of the subject.  You are welcome to stage the shoot as needed, and I will also make recommendations about angles, placement of props, and other details that will enhance the space.

I take more than enough pictures to give you a wide range of options and do all post-processing personally until you’re satisfied with the images.

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Whether you’re taking family photos, celebrating an engagement, or celebrating an important event, I can take flattering, high-quality photos that convey the mood of the day. Telling stories with photographs is my specialty, and I promise you will never end up on this site for hilariously bad family photos!

If you’re looking to entice customers with pictures of your products, including those that are edible, I can create gorgeous photos for the web or print.  Whether you want your products conveyed artistically to get customers’ mouths watering and imaginations running or simply and clearly for an online catalogue, I can produce pictures that show your pieces in an appealing way that supports your business.

For more information on product photography, please contact me with a description of what you need pictures of, as well as how many photos your would like, and whether or not you need me to come to your location.  I can give you a quote for how much it will cost for the shoot and from there we can discuss the rights to the photos.

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