Meet the Broad. Lauren Montgomery.

I was given my first really nice camera in high school by my parents and spent lots of afternoons taking pictures while walking the dog in the woods.  Photography fell to the side in college, though, since I was taking classes in pretty much every other subject except the arts.  For the next few years my time was taken up by my teaching career, and it wasn’t until I started working in a school in Singapore that my new, exotic surroundings made me want to record everything!

My Christmas present to myself that year was my first DSLR, a Nikon; I have traveled with it to more than a dozen countries so far and I plan to carry it along to dozens more.  My trips around Southeast Asia reignited my passion for photography and curiosity about the different cultures, religions, and environments around the world.  It’s that drive that has brought me to my current home in the United Arab Emirates and has me traveling the Middle East.  Deep down I will always be a teacher, so I hope that as I grow through my experiences and my work that they will also allow me to teach viewers about different cultures and inspire them to do what they’re passionate about, as well.

As for my style, I guess you could call it “Shooting from the hip”.  I like to capture the quick little moments that no one pays attention to; making the ordinary and the average seem magical is always my goal.  I have a great talent for noticing the little things, and typically whatever catches my attention is what I take a picture of.  There will always be a new skill or technology to learn to become a better photographer, but an artistic eye is a lot harder to develop and I’ve been blessed with two good ones.

The Basic Bio:
Born in Flint, Michigan and raised outside Grand Rapids.  Attended University of Michigan as a history major/biology minor then earned my teaching certificate in history and science at Eastern Michigan.  Taught science in Chicago, Michigan, Los Angeles, and Abu Dhabi, as well as humanities in Singapore.  My other activities have included training to  become a divemaster, volunteering at the Humane Society, taking/teaching yoga classes, running marathons and obstacle races, playing volleyball and dodgeball, reading, video games, and enjoying local beers and vegetarian food.